Jack Rudy - Black & Grey Shader (Gold)


At the request of Jack Rudy himself, we now have a ltd run of ‘The One & Only’ single coil machine , set up as a Shader.

Once again, the machine is configured to Jacks daily use machine set up.
The Original release of the single coil liner version sold out instantly, so don’t delay on this limited production release as once they are gone - they are gone....

Designed for suiting Jack Rudy's Black&Grey tattoo style, this machine is the result of years of collaborative work together with the genius of American Legend .

Check out what makes this fast and smooth running machine so special:

-Jewelry grade brass casted side plate.
-Lightened steel frame base.
-Spring Loaded Swing gate tube vice system.
-Gus LTD In Frame hidden phantom coil system.
-Mini Jack cord (6.6 ft / 02 mts long).
-Pure silver contact screw with wingnut for quick fine tuning.
-10 wrap single coil.
-Polished brass binding post.
-Spare set of springs.
-Set of metric Allen Keys.
-Weight: 6,06 ounces / 172 grams.


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