Jack Rudy (GOLD)

Designed for suiting Jack Rudy's Black&Grey tattoo style, this machine is the result of years of collaborative work together with the genius of American Tattoo.

This machine is The One&Only of its kind, and the first machine launched by Jack Rudy! Check out what makes this fast and smooth running machine so special:

-Jewelry grade brass casted side plate.
-Lightened steel frame base.
-Swing gate tube vice system.
-Gus LTD In Frame hidden phantom coil system.
-Mini Jack cord (6.6 ft / 02 mts long).
-Pure silver contact screw with wingnut for quick fine tuning.
-10 wrap single coil.
-Lightened armature bar.
-Polished brass binding post.
-Spare set of springs.
-Set of metric Allen Keys.
-Weight: 6,06 ounces / 172 grams.