HM Team, hanging out with Johnny Domus Mesquita

As far as he can remember, he has always drawn, firstly in paper during his studies in Art, afterwards in skin. Johnny Domus Mesquita started working in one of the two tattoos shops in his hometown until he opened his own studio in 2006 and he's currently very well known in Europe for his incredible designs of neotraditional style. He's been working with HM Machines for a long time... What does he think about them? 

When did you start tattooing?

I started when I was 16, just right after I finished high school where I studied Art. I had tough times working on a night shift in a factory and learning about tattooing during the day. At that time there were only two shops in town so I was lucky I could start in the tattoo world!

Your works are amazing. Could you share any little tip for Neotraditional tattoos?

I dont have any tricks. I just try to make good, solid, long lasting tattoos. I want to see my tattoos in 20 years and they still look pretty much the same. Quality machines, needles, creams... Everything we use matters.

What HM Machines do you use?

I use la Niña for bold lines, La Pinta mostly to aply black or color and I personally like the Power Glide for color packing.
Why do you use more than just one machine?
I use more than one machine to have more options to work on the pieces, because I sometimes change something from the design or I come up with a different option and I like to have the tools in my hand.
What do you like the most about HM?
I like HM machines because of their combination of light weight and design, as well as the reability. I can work fast and with quality and, of course, the great support I receive from HM. They do care about tattooers.