HM Team, hanging out with Lucky Gold

We always say our machines are like babies to us! We produce each one handmade, with lot of care during the production and we make sure they are in the best hands! We really expect they perform well with tattooers and for that reason we want to hear what our best artists from the HM Team have to say about them. This time, it's Lucky Gold's turn to share with us his experience with HM Machines.

Lucky Gold was born in Argentina but he has never stopped travelling, meeting people and, specially, tattoing. He opened his first studio 20 years ago, Experience Tattoo, and now he has 3 as well as an amazing team of tattooers working with him. Either America or Europe have any secret for this great artist who works between Argentina and Sweden, so we really wanted to know his opinion about HM Machines!!

When did you start tattooing?

I did my first tattoo 22 years ago and I did all the styles. I started with tribals and simple caricatures, and I also did a lot of biomechanic and full color.

Now you are a master in Realism. In your opinion, what are the skills needed for this style?

Well, thank you! I would say you need to know quite a lot about drawing and painting as Realism respects lights and shades, and the real volume of the elements in the composition. I think a tattooer has to be really patient in this style and has to work as much as needed to replicate the textures in the design. 

Which HM Machines do you use for realistic tattoo?

In order to do a complete realistic tattoo I usually take 6 machines: La Niña (7 round liner), La Santa María (15 magnum), the Lucky Gold Evolution (9 magnum), the Classic  (7 round shader), the Evolution (25 magnum) and the Bruno Kea coil machine (9 round liner).

Why do you prefer tattooing with more than just one machine?

It's comfortable to have different machines for each stage of the tattoo. Besides, each machine is designed for a specific use, either lines, shades o packing.

What do you like the most about HM Machines?

I met Roman in 2010 at Trondeheim show, in Norway, and he offered me to use the Evolution to tattoo a large shade. I tried the machine and it was much easier, the result was amazing and I had to spend less time tattooing. I had never had to tune any of my machines and they work for a lot of time: I still use the Evolution Roman gave me 7 years ago!!