Name: marco galdo

Age: 42

Born in Milan

Studio name: trafficanti d'arte

Studio location: milano, via benedetto varchi


Particular style of tattooing: he is specialized in large scale and bold geometric tattoos, he use many techniques from ornamental to dotwork. 


Marco has been tattooing for more than 15 years.


Influences: sacred geometry, escher,and the english tattoo artist xed le head for dotwork technical and use of texture and patterns.


Biography: marco was born in 1975 in milan, tattoo artist for more than 20 years, specializing in dotwork technique has enhanced the tribal style fusing it with modern influences, textures and psichedelie, bringing the new tribal in italy.

The study "trafficanti d'arte", based in milan, was founded in 2003 to propose to every customer a personal and unique idea of tattoo.


Interests outside tattooing: my big passion for travels has taken me to us, quebec and asia.Also art has always been a great passion for me.


Favourite hm machines: from some years I use the HM machines, for fills I use the santamaria, lately roman sent me differents machines that I use for dots and lines. 


Instagram: marcogaldotattoo

Facebook: trafficanti d'arte